Michael Kors: “Confidence That’s What it’s About

Last week, MRD had an opportunity to listen to Michael Kors speak with Fern Mallis at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. Being known as the designer who broke the record for public offering in fashion with 3.6 billion dollars, Michael is an extremely humble guy. He is also very funny, interesting and charismatic. The audience went through all sorts of emotions as he shared stories about how he became a fashion designer. Influencing the final design of his mom’s wedding dress at the age of 5, opening the first boutique in his basement at 11 years old called “The Iron Butterfly Boutique” and going to a fashion Studio 53 instead of his senior prom are some of MRD’s favorites.

Fashion is where his passion is, a long with an entrepreneurial streak, hard work and high respect for others, Michael Kors’ success is undeniable. He is a natural leader, just as what Fern Mallis and everyone said about people born under Leo sign. Some other Leo fashion designers we know are Yves Saint Laurent, Anna Sui and Channel.
When being asked “What do you suggested being taken off the shelf this year?” Michael suggested the Maxi dresses without it being tailored to your body. He humorously said he did not want to see another woman trip and fall on the streets again. The audience laughed. One of his fashion statements of the night is “Confidence, that’s what it’s about.”

Michael Kors’ tips for fashion designers is to spend sometime in the store, watch how people shop and see how you can add value to the whole mechanism. He said it is important to understand who you design for. Michael enjoys seeing his dress on different women and how the dress helps make them feel confident. His design is a combination of glamour and simplicity. He ended the event with a legacy that impacts everyone: “You can’t have it all. You can be glamour, you can be sexy, but most importantly, you need to be comfortable…I am all about a balance life.”


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