MRD’s 10 reasons to rent a dress

You don’t need to be very rich to look like a millions bucks! Those red carpet dresses that adorn the backs of the Hollywood stars are available for us mere mortals also and at a fraction of the cost. Pair with a nice handbag, jacket and shoes and you’ll be ready for that special occasion. Here are MRD’s 10 reasons why you should rent THAT dress!

10. Because you want to make the best first impression for your new job interview.

9. Because this is the season of proms, weddings, cocktails parties and you only have one little black dress.

8. Because you will show up with the latest designer fashions while you might not be able to (or shouldn’t) afford it.

7. Because you can’t find that gorgeous Vera Wang gown in stores anymore.

6. Because on you will have a different gorgeous dress on each of your Facebook pictures

5. Who wears it better: Anne Hathaway or yourself?

4. You will definitely wear that bridesmaid dress one time.

3. Because you are tired to give that dress you wore once in order to make closet space – Hey who has a walk-in in NYC anyway!

2. No more dry cleaning!

1. Just because you deserve to wear a beautiful dress everyday.


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