Make-up essentials for the summer

This time, MRD brings you the most sought-after make up trends from the New York catwalks. Whether it’s the perfect red-coral lip, the natural skin look, or earthen tones applied almost anywhere, these are the standout looks of the season.

1. A touch of bold
Summer always comes with an array of colorful trends and it is even truer this year. A touch of bold showcases gorgeous bright hues to add to any make-up collections. The pin-point of interest of this look is the flashy color painted eyes.

MRD likes Sephora Collection’s colorful eye shadow and Lancôme colored eyeliner for boldly eye make up statement. To balance the look, make sure you keep your skin and lips natural. We love the Nars nude gloss for neutral and glossy lips.

2. Bold brows
It has never been that easy to follow a beauty trend: here comes the bold brows! Leave the shape natural, use a pencil to add color and definition, and finish with a color-matched eye shadow powder. Wear a bold brow this summer with a soft and neutral lip is definitely the direction to go this summer

MRD chose a brow shadow mineral powder from Bare Escentuals with a nude-toned pencil and lipstick finished with a sparkling champagne beige gloss.

3. Fresh-faced
Perhaps the most suitable look for the warm season, fresh-faced is all about showing off your natural skin. Its main characteristics are moist skin, light pink lips, and glowy eye shadows; this is your perfect choice for a daytime make up!

The most important rule to create this look is to use the right color and texture foundation. MRD likes Chanel Vitalumière Aqua for its supple, quick-blending & superb-fine fluid texture. In addition, it contains a UVB sun filter to shield skin from damaging sun rays. This is your best make-up essential for a light finish, second-skin this summer!

To complete the look, highlight your moist lips with a translucent light pink gloss. To add extra glow, apply a light touch of pinkish nude blush on cheek and brow bones and lighten your eyelids with a glowy eye shadow.

This less-is-more look suits perfectly a loose maxi-dress or a loose fit jeans and tunic.

4. Golden beauty

Metallics are usually a sparkle winter trend but it makes a strong presence on the catwalk this season. This make up look makes use of warm copper shadows, and soft, smoky golden eyes. No need to say that this look perfectly match a light tanned skin!

The focus is definitely on the eyes by applying a touch of golden metallic shadow to a classic smoky eye. Again to balance the look, the lips are left nude or natural.

This golden look is seen paired with a cocktail or an evening dress. For a goddess style, pick a cream, beige, coral, or bronze color dress!

5. Retro Chic
Clean, polished and sophisticated, Retro Chic is a trend that we see years after years, from one season to another. This summer, it is characterized by bright coral lips paired with natural skin and a trait of eyeliner.

To create this look, MRD picked Lancôme super-hydrating lip balm to enhance lips with a tint of popping, fresh sheer color. The lip balm replenishes moisture while protecting for the sun with its SPF. Beauty tip: Fairer skins should lean toward coral with slightly more pink in them, while darker or tan skin is best with more reddish and orange tones.

To complete the look, apply a light neutral powder to even the tone and create a smooth powder skin. Finally apply a light trait of black eyeliner for a more neutral look or a bold black line to return in the 40s!

Delicate fabrics like silk, lace and tulle suits this look perfectly!


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