MRD On the Runway | Amada Von Fender

This month, MRD On the Runway shines on Amada Figuereo, a promising Dominican republic-born, NYC-based designer that recently decided to join MRD. Her womenswear label, Amada Von Fender is characterized by powerful, avant-garde, and sexy dresses who could give any women all of the confidence they need.

Well recognized by women who wear her creations, she perfectly masters the art of fitting. Von Fender, which means To Defend in Spanish, is chosen for the label to celebrate the power and beauty of a woman. “A woman is a powerful creature; she gives birth, she raises and educates the human race,” says Amada. “I want women to feel sexy when they wear my clothes.” Amada talks about sexiness as a way of being confident and assuming what we each stands for, including what we wear, rather than uniquely by showing skin.

The Amada Von Fender’s label is addressed to a contemporary young woman who has tastes for beautiful dresses and loves sociality and cocktail parties. The spectrum of her dresses is mostly on fit and vivid colors.

Growing up with a dad who is craftsmen as well as with an uncle and a grandmother who had an alteration sewing business, Amada had great exposure to creativity and fashion during her childhood. “Influenced by my dad’s passion, I developed an early appreciation for making things by hands.”

After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, our featured designer starts designing for multiple other labels. While she designs for others, she starts her own label very quickly targeting mostly mainstream collections. “While I feel like being a good girl and making ready-to-wear collections, I have an insatiable appetite for Couture.” “This is my bad girl side…wink wink!”

Looking to the future, Von Fender has big plans for her young label. Starting with new collections, including one who takes on the 20s and the liberation of women, she aims to turn Amada Von Fender into nothing less than a modern, avant-garde brand…perhaps just like Chanel did!

It’s a rendez-vous on MRD website to rent her collection!


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