MRD On the Runway | Aliya Bonar

Wow, let’s see…it is so refreshing for MRD to meet with someone as unique as Aliya Bonar that we are not quit sure where to start!


Artist, designer, community organizer, earrings maker, and circus performer, Aliya Bonar is a native New Yorker from Long Island City. Her style is easily recognized by handmade pieces, vibrant red, and colorful designs. She loves utilitarian objects, yes Aliya is a ball of happiness! She is inspired by business ladies, power suits, hardware stores, found objects, trophies, animals & plush, crawl-spaces, hot pink, gold spray paint, and glitter.

“I see art as a way to shake things up and approach normal everyday problems in new fresh ways.
I create objects that are wearable to interact with our bodies, I create spaces to interact with each other and provide platforms where it is easy and obvious to connect with new people in new ways,” says Aliya.

In recognition to be one-of-a-kind artist, she has been granted two Artist-In-Residence positions this spring at the Wassaic Project and Flux Factory. She also was a 2011 Fellow in the Laundromat Project’s Create Change Professional Development Fellowship.

MRD is absolutely fan of her up cycled jewels and clothing. Take a look at the some of her creations:


Graduated from a Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College in Installation Art and Community Organizing, she loves imaginary-landscape quilts, three-legged stuffed animals, and macrobiotic cookies!

I know, we told you she was very unique and we couldn’t be more excited to be working with her!

You can rent her collection on MRD’s website and you can also follow her here:

Blog :
Etsy Store :


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