From head to toe: Five essentials for your summer looks

The summer season has officially arrived around New York City and we feel very excited about it! To make sure we are all perfectly geared for the warm season, we have prepared you a head-to-toe guide for your summer looks. Here it is, check it out!

#1 Hair trends

The Center-part hair style has been spotted all over runways this season. This trend defines easy elegance and natural beauty. It works perfectly with both full straight hairs for a feminine and flirty style or with deconstructed waves for a fresh style directly from the ocean! To recreate this look, you can simply rake through your subtle curls with your hands. Pro-tips: Pair it with a light fabric, pastel maxi dress for a week-end in “The Hamptons” or with a daytime summer dress for a brunch with friends in the city.

Voluminous, bouncy with tons of movement, the amplify blowout is another style adopted on runways for this summer season. Whether center-part or sleek and pulled back, this simple-to-do style will catch eyes without a doubt! Pro-tips: To dress to impress, match this hairstyle with a mini cocktail dress!

The updo is coming back this season but this time it has a twist! At Yves Saint Laurent, teased chignons were secured with cage barrettes, hair pins and errant strands which looked very chic. To get the look, keep your hair simple with a flirty bun and accessorize it. To add sophistication, braid you hair before to make them into a bun. Pro-tips: For the ultimate elegance, pair it with an evening gown.

#2 Silhouettes, Colors & Patterns

Floral fantasy is a trend that continues in 2012 for our greatest pleasure! Whether on a cocktail dress, a blouse or a skinny pant, let’s celebrate summer season and wear bright colors flowers!

The pastels and color blocking are two strong trends this season. Bold warm colors like reds, oranges, pink, and yellow will get you your dose of sun! Chose these vivid colors on a maxi dress for a casual, everyday look or on cocktail dress for an instant eye-catching effect. This featured Amada Von Fender dress is available for renting on MRD website.

We also love pastels jeans. These colors can also look amazing on silk tunics and blouses for a dressier look.

The peplum, our ultimate favorite! Very feminine, this little skirt addition to any blouses or jackets will be your statement piece this season. These frills are lady-like on knee-length dresses. Pro-tips: Warning! It should remain the main decorative element to your outfit.

#3 Accessories: All eyes are on handbags!

If you’re wondering what handbags to grab this summer, we’ve got you covered. Read below to see some of the biggest trends seen on runways:

The cross-body is back this season! As city girls, we know how handy they can be in addition to being very stylish. Pastels, color blocks, neons, and prints, the same rules for clothing apply!

The satchel bag is a trend that comes back very strong. I have to say, we love the way they look when holding them on forearms or in your hands. These oversize bags are perfect to carry your favorite fashion magazine or tablet. Pro-tips: This season wear your satchel with your pastel jeans, and a sophisticated updo!

Small clutches, the very opposite of satchel bags, are also seen everywhere on runways. Although, this season it seems like it is not only a great accessory to an evening gown but it can also be worn with an every day outfit.

Please share with us your favorite trends for this season, we would love to hear from you!

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